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The 2030 Palette is an interactive online platform that puts the principles and actions behind low-carbon and resilient built environments at the fingertips of architects, planners and designers worldwide. Architecture 2030 has developed this free online tool as a powerful catalyst for driving broad implementation of the 2030 Challenge and more – ensuring that our buildings and communities consume fewer fossil fuels, compliment and preserve sensitive ecosystems, access site renewable energy resources, and successfully adapt to climatic changes.
After a period of beta testing, the site was launched in full in November, 2013.


  • Local actions for global transformation at every scale of the built environment
  • Carefully curated content, powerful visuals and straightforward, accessible language
  • Memorable and location-specific actions to inform the planning and design process
  • An extensive photographic library of built work exemplifying best practices
  • An interactive map for exploring images by geography, latitude, climate, and population density
  • Ongoing development of in-depth information for successful application of 2030 Palette strategies
  • Essential links to tools, resources, and world experts
  • Customizable Palettes comprised of those principles most relevant to your project
  • Tools that allow users to develop and share their own content to augment the Palette's core material

2030 Palette in the Media

Inhabitat – May, 2013
Our world is going to be redesigned, reshaped, and rebuilt over the next twenty years. How we plan and design the built environment from here on out will determine whether climate change is manageable or catastrophic. Andrew Michler sits down with Edward Maria to talk about the 2030 Palette and how it fits into Architecture 2030’s larger goal of transforming the built environment. Link
Metropolis – January, 2013
Architecture 2030′s CEO and Founder, Edward Mazria, was named one of Metropolis Magazine’s Game Changers for 2013. In the profile of his work and vision, Mazria highlights the 2030 Palette as the next critical catalyst towards transforming the Building Sector to meet the 2030 Challenge and achieve a low-carbon and resilient future. Link


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For detailed explanation of screenshots, check out the 2030 Palette tutorials.

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