Terms and Conditions

The 2030 Palette® is an educational platform containing a set of guiding principles, information, and resources – or Swatches – for the development of schematic planning strategies and building designs. The extent to which any or all of the Swatch information and recommendations are realized in practice, depends on the extent to which the designer succeeds in understanding and applying the information and recommendations. All Swatch content should be verified according to local conditions, codes, standards, and regulations, and are not a substitute for a detailed or in-depth analysis of planning strategies, applications, and infrastructure and building designs.

User-Generated Content

The 2030 Palette provides tools for users to generate, publish, and share online content (User Content). Architecture 2030 claims no ownership nor assumes liability for User Content. The registered 2030 Palette user whose account the User Content originates from (the Author) is solely responsible for all material, including information, images, and graphics therein. Further, the Author is responsible for obtaining necessary licenses and/or permissions, and for providing acknowledgement and/or citation of works, where appropriate.

The 2030 Palette User Content feature is intended to improve communication between individuals engaged in the planning, design, and development of decarbonized, resilient, and sustainable built environments. It is not intended for purposes outside this scope, including, but not limited to, advertisement of products or services. Architecture 2030 reserves the right to determine if User Content is acceptable and to remove User Content and/or user accounts at its sole discretion.

If you feel that your intellectual property rights have been infringed upon, or to report abuse, please email us at info@2030palette.org.

Suggested Images

The 2030 Palette provides tools for users to suggest, via submission, images that exemplify those Swatches developed by Architecture 2030. User-submitted images will be considered by Architecture 2030 for use related to the 2030 Palette. Architecture 2030 reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to accept or refuse submissions based on any factor including need, relevance, image quality, and completeness of the information provided.

Users may only submit images to which they are the copyright owner. By submitting images, the user gives Architecture 2030 a royalty free non-exclusive worldwide license to its use in all medias, languages, editions, and collateral materials relating to Architecture 2030 and the 2030 Palette.

Architecture 2030 reserves the right to crop or alter images as appropriate to their placement and/or to best articulate Swatch strategies. Appropriate copyright notice will be provided wherever the image appears, if provided and required by the author.