Green roofs provide water retention, green space, and improved water and air quality while reducing energy consumption.

Both roof vegetation and soil increase roof insulation, reducing ambient air temperatures and building energy consumption. Green roofs retain rainfall, alleviate pressure on sewer systems, protect roofing membranes, reduce noise, and filter pollutants.

Green roofs categories:

  • Extensive: 60-200 mm thickness (2½-8 inches) – green protection layer for roofs with little load-bearing capacity. Shallow soil suitable for less demanding plants (low maintenance).
  • Semi-intensive: 120-250 mm (4½-10 inches) – green roof with deeper soils, planted with grasses and shrubs (higher maintenance).
  • Intensive: 150-1,000 mm (6-39 inches) – roof garden with permanent irrigation and deep soils, suitable for lawns, shrubs, and trees, walkways, and even playgrounds and pools (highest maintenance).